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Welcome to Monad

Monad electronics is An ISO 9001:2000 certified company (India based), which has over the last 12 years been involved in the business of Exporting, designing & manufacturing , Electronic Industrial products in providing consultancy MoreDetail
Monad Electronics has following domain/market expertise
   Industrial Control & Automation,   Embedded technology,   Industrial Measurement & Testing,   Process control,   Machine automation & controlling,   Mechatronics,   Micro controller / Digitaltechnology,   Instrumentations,


Fluid Damped Single Point
                        High Capacity Off Center Single Point Load Cell
Model FDM11 is specifical
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Heavy Duty Compression
                       Heavy Duty Compression Load Cell
Model MH1 is a heavy duty
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Low Profile Compres Disk
                      Low Profile Compression Disk
The low profile compressi
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Pulley Torque Sensor
                        High Capacity Off Center Single Point Load Cell
MONAD`s Sprocket/Pulley
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Rotary Torque Sensor
                        High Capacity Off Center Single Point Load Cell
The MONAD Torque Transduc
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Socket Wrench Torque

  						                       Socket Wrench Torque Sensor

These sensors are primari
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Metal Detector
Metal Detector
The metal detector System is
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Check weighing & In motion weighing
Bolt-on READY frames replace e
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