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              Multi Column Compression Load Cell
                     Multi Column Compression Load Cell

• Rated capacities of 20 to 100 metric tons
• Stainless steel, welded seal construction
• Multi-column monolithic element design
• 15m standard cable length
• Three times side loading tolerance relative to similar
competitive products
• Reduced eccentric loading sensitivity
• Integral conduit adaptor
• sealed to IP66/67 standards
• ISO 9001:2000 Certified manufacturing facilities


• Truck scales
• Railroad track scales
• Tank, bin and silo weighing applications 

Dimensional Outline Drawing
                     Multi Column Compression Load Cell 						                              Multi Column Compression Load Cell
Performance Specification
Non-Repeatibility % FSO: < 0.1
Zero Balance % FSO: < 1.0
Insulation Resistance: >1000 Mohms at 50 VDC
Compensated Temperature Range: -10° to 40°C
Operating Temperature Range: -18° to 65°C
Storage Temperature Range: -50° to 85°C
Input Resistance: 350 ±3.5 Ohms
Output Resistance: 350 ±3.5 Ohms
Recommended Excitation Voltage: 10 Volts DC
Maximum Excitation Voltage: 25 Volts DC
Safe Sideload: 30% of Rated Capacity
Safe Overload: 150% of Rated Capacity
Ultimate Overload: 300% of Rated Capacity
Sealing: Meets IP66/67 Standards
Material Element: Stainless Steel
Canister: 304 Stainless Steel
Fluid Damped Single Point
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Model FDM11 is specifically de
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Heavy Duty Compression
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