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Digital Microcontroller based Servo Stablizer Carrd

MONAD Electronics provides Microcontroller based Servo Voltage Stabilizer Control Card.
Microcontroller servo voltage control card is equipped with an advanced, Industrial grade micro controller Technology with automatic controls.
It requires minimum external wiring and setting for fast production of servo voltage stabilizers.
It also has advantages of in built digital meters for all parameters & user friendly design.
MONAD offers you a solution, which provides more versatile features & protections. That sequel a cost saving to your products.

  • All functions and parameters are fully software programmable.
  • Dual in line 16 character LCD display with back-light.
  • Display of In-put voltage.
  • Display of Out-put voltage.
  • Display of Set voltage.
  • Display of Load .
  • Over Load protection.
  • Short circuit protection.
  • Under / Over voltage protection.
  • Set voltage control setting on panel .
  • Manufactured using Industrial grade Technology & Components.
  • Modular card design for easy maintenance & replacement.
  • Programmable hysteresisOn.
  • On board Auto Manual functions & switches.
Technical Specification:
  • Measuring Input voltage range 0-500 volt
  • Measuring Output voltage range 0-500 volt
  • Measuring load range 0-500 %
  • Set Voltage range 200-250 V
  • Supply voltage for card 5 volt by control transformer.
  • Over / Under voltage cut Relay out put
  • Over load Buzzer & Relay. out put
  • Control out put for servo motor By Triac.

Advantages of Microbased Card:

  • More protection & features without any additional cost.
  • Over load protection.
  • Short circuit protection.
  • High/Low Voltage protection.
  • Single phase prevention for 3 phase system.
  • Cost saving of 3 digital meters, (I/P V, O/P V, A)
  • Less labour cost as nearly no setting is required.
  • Latest Technology product for this competitive market.
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