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For Filling from 100 ml to 500 liters :

World class packaging machinery for the food,chemical and petroleum industries Gravimetric filling machines from MONAD ELECTRONICS can provide your company with machinery to make your filling more accurate and increase the productivity of your workers.
Filling by weight assures filling accuracy and Each machine is designed with the capability to fill several container types and sizes, and different nozzles are available to suit special product characteristics to give the user flexibility . Welded steel and stainless steel with pigment polyurethane coating provides durability to provide many years of service.
Product contact parts are available in brass, steel, and stainless steel, to meet the needs of most food, chemical, and petroleum products.
Monad filling machines are technically advanced, that can accurately fill a wide range of containers and products utilizing a simple "weight tripping device" for measurement. This time proven system provides an accurate and durable machine that will give many years of service.
Monad filling machines provide very accurate filling, using load cells with digital weighing scales for weight sensing. These machines provide many standard and optional features which meet the most difficult requirements.
Electronic weighing can provide accuracy up to ±0.1% of target fills. This will satisfy your customers and reduce product loss during filling.
The machines may be provided with explosion proof electrics for use in hazardous locations.
The machines are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, and include visual and tactile indicators and manual overrides for easy servicing. One to 4 nozzle models are available to fill products at rates up to 500 containers per hour.

Products :
Monad filling machines can fill non-foaming liquid and semi-liquid products with viscosities up to 500,000 cps if the product will level off in the container when poured. Contact parts are available in brass & steel (standard), 316 Stainless Steel, Sanitary (3A) Stainless Steel, to meet the needs of most filling situations. .
Weighing Device/Accuracy :
The machine uses electronic load cell with digital indicators. The load cells are incremented to +/-1%. Fast-Fill / Slow-Fill is included on the machine. Fill accuracy is maintained at +/-1% increment of target weight. The standard model uses a preset tare. The operator will place an empty container on each filling platform before filling and press the tare buttons. This will be maintained as the tare for all the fill, or until the operator tares another empty container. Automatic Tare for each container is optional.
Installation :
Supply of Product :
The machine is shipped assembled. It must be placed in its operating position and connected to the electric service, compressed air source, and product supply. Product may be supplied to the machine from a gravity source (elevated tank) or from a pump system. The maximum pressure acceptable on the product line is 3 bar (40 p.s.i.). If a pump system is used, it should be a non-surging type and have the ability to limit the pressure at the machine connection, and the system must be able to limit surges at the nozzles.
Change of Container
When changing containers, the weight settings must be changed. The weight settings are entered on the scale controller keypads.
Change of Product
To change the product, the product source is disconnected and the contact parts drained. The contact parts are then flushed with a solvent. The machine may be equipped with removable product contact parts to permit all the contact parts to be quickly removed and replaced by a second contact parts unit to allow them to be cleaned at a remote cleaning station.
Fluid Damped Single Point
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Model FDM11 is specifically de
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Heavy Duty Compression
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