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              Rotary Torque
                        High Capacity Off Center Single Point Load Cell

• Install the shafts in the coupling hubs before fastening the couplings’ clamping screws!
• Do not stretch the bellow couplings beyond the specified permissible elasticities.
• The input and output shafts must be free from grease and burrs.
• The shaft diameters should be made with a j6 tolerance to obtain the H7/j6 preference fit.


- Nominal (rated) torques:0.1 N·m, 0.2 N·m, 0.5 N·m, 1 N·m,2 N·m, 5 N·m, 10 N·m, 20 N·m,50 N·m, 100 N·m, 200 N·m
- Accuracy class: 0.2
- Contact less transmission of the measurement signal
- Measurement on rotating and stationary parts
- Cylindrical shaft ends for non playfriction joints
- Integrated measuring system for speed and angle of rotation
- Torque output signal: "10 V

Mounting Position:

The MONAD Torque Transducer with bellow couplings can be used in any mounting position (horizontal, vertical or oblique). With vertical or oblique operation, please ensure that additional masses are sufficiently supported.

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