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            �Compression Flat Thin Load Cell
                       Compression Flat Thin Load Cell

The MSL-01 is a Force/Load FLAT THIN (30 mm) Load Cell built for Press or Inline compression applications. The MSL-01is a standard model has a very robust construction available in Stainless / Die Steel, The Force/Load Load Cells offers high stiffness with a Deflection of 0.1mm nominal and with the Operating temperature of 10� C to 50� C. The Force/Load Load Cells can be modified or customized to meet your requirements.

Product Highlights:

* Low Deflection
* Stainless/ Die Steel Construction
* Compression
* Capacity 10K,25K,50K Kg
* Utilizes Metal Foil Strain Gauge Technology

For those who are a looking for a complete system solution, MONAD can provide both signal conditioned displays or Strain gage Amplifie. MONAD System brings an easy-to-use system verification directly to the customer making it ideal for on-site verification and calibration of your products.


Rated Output --------------------- 2 mV/V nom.
Safe Overload -------------------- 150 % of R.O.
Zero Balance ------------------- - 10 % of R.O.
Excitation ------------------------- 10 Vdc
Temperature Shift Zero ------------0.02 0.02 % of R.O./C
Temperature Shift Span------------0.01 0.01 % of Load/C
Compensated Temperature --------25 to 50 C
Operating Temperature ------------15 to 50 C
Output Resistance -----------------350 Ohms nom.

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