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Introducation :

Solids flowmeters from MONAD accurately measure and control flow rates of product so that quality and plant efficiency are consistently maintained. These flowmeters have a totally enclosed design to eliminate product waste or contamination and reduce plant maintenance. Since the units are dust-tight, they provide a healthier work environment, especially when hazardous substances are monitored.They are specifically designed for minimum plant down-time.

Principle Of Opetation :

Dry bulk solids material enters the flowguide producing a mechanical deflection as it strikes the flowmeter’s sensing plate. It then continues on through the process unhindered, ensuring no disruption in the process or production.
The horizontal force of this deflection is converted into an electrical signal by either a deflection sensing LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer) or a force sensing strain gauge load cell. The signal is then monitored and processed by the associated electronic integrator, which instantaneously displays the flow rate and integrated total weight.
Since only the horizontal force is measured, vertical force due to material build-up in the non-impinging area has no effect. There is no zero drift and the need for frequent recalibration is eliminated.

Materials :
Solids flowmeters monitor dry bulk materials in sizes from powders to granules more than 25 mm (1”) in diameter. Handling flow rates from 200 kg/h to 2000 t/h . Material density varies from puffed wheat to iron ore while fluidity ranges from fluidized powder such as flyash to sluggish flowing materials such as lathe turnings.
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