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Multi purpose applications - Mobile cranes, Hydraulic and lattice, Container handlers. Pressure or load cell force sensing options.
Continuous display of operating radius, rated capacity, boom length and boom angle Audible and visual pre-warning of overload and overload cut-off.
Tare facility of lifted load readings. Reeving selection of up to 50 parts of line, up to 5 parts on fly jib.
Power supply capable of inputs ranging from 9 to 15VDC with crane voltage out of range warnings. Also AC committable. These units have proved to be reliable and easy to use. Optional data logging facilities- easily downloadable to laptop
System's consist of a compact display unit and a remote mother board. This mother board takes the field wiring and provides the power for the system. Below is a view of the display shown .
These views show just how compact the crane systems are, even though they are powerful and feature packed. The mother board unit, shown below, takes all the signals from the transducers mounted on the crane, this unit also provides all the voltages needed for the transducers and display unit.

Paper web.jpg
  • The display constantly updates the following information
  • Load on the Hook
  • Current Capacity or Percent of Current Capacity
  • Choice of Operating Radius / Boom Angle / Boom Length / Boom Tip Height
  • Current Crane Configuration
  • Alert or Alarm Conditions
  • System Status
  • Any Special Conditions Specific to the Crane
    Options include:
  • Dead End Tensiometer
  • Running Line Tensiometer
  • Load Sensing Pins
  • Boom Length Sensor (for telescoping boom applications)
  • Boom Angle Sensor
  • List Angle Sensor for Barge or Ship Cranes
  • Anti-Two-Block
  • Hook Travel / Rope Deployment Monitor
  • Shutdown Relays
  • Horn / Klaxon
  • Lift recorder with PC interface Wireless
  • Custom Applications


System Configurations: :
  • Safe-Load Indicating
  • User Selectable Sea States
  • Multiple Parts of Line (Falls)
Front Panel Displays:
  • Lift Capacity (SWL)
  • Load on Hook
  • Boom Angle or Boom Radius,
  • dependant upon Crane Load Charts
  • Percent Capacity
  • Number of Falls
  • Sea State Selected
  • Approach to Overload and Overload
Menu Configurations:
  • Number of Falls
  • Parts of Line
  • Parts of Line
  • Sea States
  • Calibration
  • Diagnostics
  • Units selection
System Outputs:
  • Volt-Free Relay Contacts for:
  • Overload Out of Angle
  • Last Wrap (requires drum monitor)
  • Anti-2Block (requires drum monitor)
Performance Specifications:
  • Hook Load Resolution: < 0.10 ton
  • Angle Accuracy: < +/- 1.00o
  • Angle Resolution: < +/- 1.00o
  • Radius Resolution: < +/-5.0 ft Maximum Load
  • System Response Time: 0.25 Seconds
  • Alert Set Point
  • Alarm Set Point
  • Overload Relay volt free
  • Load Display Units Tonnes or Tons/Kg
  • Power Requirements :220 Volts AC, 50 Hz, 25w or 12 Volts DC, 25w
Optional Equipments :
  • Anti-2Block Sensor
  • Slew Ring Position Sensor
  • Wire Rope Payout Sensor (drum monitor)
  • Telemetry Data Communications (Duplex)
  • Data Transmission from Operator’s
  • Data Transmission from Operator’s.
  • Display To Remote PC/Display
  • Ton-Mile Totalizer
  • Hand-Held Remote Display via Telemetry
  • Remote PC Display and Lift Recording
  • Boom Tip Hardware: Zone 1 Hazardous
    Area, Div. 1 or 2
  • Cab Components: Zone 1, Div. 2
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