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Induction Melting  Induction Melting

MONAD have many mini melt Induction Melting systems operating in industry. The materials that have been processed include gold, silver, platinum stainless steel and brass. The system is used by many scrap metal dealers for analysing the content of large loads bought in. A representative sample is melted and spectrometer analysis gives the percentage content of each material type.

Induction Melting features of Monad’s mini melt system:
• Power units available from 2.5 KW to 60KW
• Material capacity 250 g to 30 Kg
Induction Melting Furnace types available:
• Manual / Hydraulic tilt
• Manual / Hydraulic pop up
• Roll over Deurville
• Manual load / unload
Fluid Damped Single Point
                        High Capacity Off Center Single Point Load Cell
Model FDM11 is specifically de
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Heavy Duty Compression
                       Heavy Duty Compression Load Cell
Model MH1 is a heavy duty gene
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