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              Closure Torque Tester
                        High Capacity Off Center Single Point Load Cell

During the life cycle of a screw closure, there are a number of factors where the
the performance of the closure is influenced by a particular torque value:

Filling / Sealing
Storage & distribution
first opening
Use, reseal and re-use

In addition to torque generally associated with screw closures ( eg application and removal torque ), closure development areas such as tamper-evident seals, or child resistance have increased the range of torque which need to be measured.
There are a number of international standards which specify equipment and test procedure for evaluting closure torques and the ability of closures to retain torque e.g. ASTM D3192, ASTM D3474, ASTM D2063, ASTM D3198.

MONAD has unrivalled experience in providing affordable solutions for torque measurement applications. The range of products extend from simple manually operated instruments, through to sophisticated computer-controlled systems.

As a low cost digital torque tester, it covers the testing range from 0 to +10Nm. It has been designed for ease of use with a splash-proof, wipe-clean housing and fitted with a universal accessary to suit containers ranging from 10 to 160mm diameter. The universal accessory can be easily removed to allow filling of dedicated sample holders. Data may be output in Rs232, 4-20mA AND Analogue formats, for connection to PC or printer so that results can be easily stored.

                        High Capacity Off Center Single Point Load Cell

High accuracy
Low cost
Low friction runners
Peak hold facility
Mains / Battery-powered with user sellable auto off feature
Data output for easy recording of results
All common units of measurement
Direct unit conversion

Measurement range 0-10 NM
clockwise & anticlockwise 0-100 kgfcm
Display resolution 0.1% to 0.01%
Container diameter 10-160 mm
Units of measurements N.m, mN.m, N.cm, Ibf.ft, Ibf.in, kgf.cm, gf.cm
Sampling rate 2khz
Peak hold range 100Hz
System accuracy +0.1%
Overload Typically 150% of fsd
Fluid Damped Single Point
                        High Capacity Off Center Single Point Load Cell
Model FDM11 is specifically de
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Heavy Duty Compression
                       Heavy Duty Compression Load Cell
Model MH1 is a heavy duty gene
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