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              Wheel Torque Sensor
  						                       Socket Wrench Torque Sensor 											                        						                       Socket Wrench Torque Sensor

The Automobile Wheel Torque Sensor is designed to be bolted to the brake drum or spindle of a car or truck in place of the regular wheel. The wheel is then bolted to the torque sensor. This moves the wheel outward approximately 11/2 inches from its original location. A slip ring or rotary transformer assembly is provided to connect the torque sensor to an instrument in the vehicle. Most torque sensors can be supplied with two sets of bolt holes so that it can fit two different bolt circle diameters, each with the same number of holes. The sensor is normally furnished with one adapter plate for one given stud pattern. Some of the wheel torque sensors are designed to be used with special wheels which bring the tire rim back to its original location, thus maintaining the original tire track. Also, on some models, a DC tachometer or 60-tooth gear and magnetic pickup generator can be supplied which provides a signal proportional to wheel speed.


- “At the source” torque measurement
- Large selection of capacities available
- Wheel centerline offset correction available for cornering testing
- Special application versions available

  						                       Socket Wrench Torque Sensor
Fluid Damped Single Point
                        High Capacity Off Center Single Point Load Cell
Model FDM11 is specifically de
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