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Monad electronics combines precision strain gauge force transducers with dead shaft mounting options to produce the highest accuracy web tension measurement systems.
Monad transducers, developed for web tension applications, incorporate a differential bending beam design with a full Wheatstone Bridge strain gage configuration.
This design provides stable, accurate, and repeatable measurement over a wide range of operating tensions while virtually eliminating temperature drift. All capacities are equipped with mechanical overload protection.
Available with a mounting configuration for dead shaft applications (with horizontal or vertical support surfaces),

Paper and Roofing Machines         Strip Mill Force Measurement
Web Tension Transducer :
Electronic Hanging Crane Scales
Features :

• Capacities from 2K to 20K Kg
• Dual axis transducer design enables measurement of resultant force in all directions without limitation to Horizontal or vertical components
• Functional up to 121°C
• Sealed to IP67 - field proven design
• Low profile - direct load cell replacement with simple retrofit installation
• Factory calibrated for minimum start-up time

Description :

Web Tension Transducers measure web tension forces applied across a roll, using integral horizontal and vertical axis sensors. This innovative and exclusive two-dimensional approach to web tension force measurement enables accurate determination of the true resultant force, as well as the applied angle. Not only does this permit installation and measurement at any mounting angle or roll orientation, it also combines to form an expert diagnostics system that produces the highest level of web tension measurement confidence available today. The Load ecll is machined from a high strength corrosion resistant stainless steel to yield a low profile single piece construction that incorporates tubular sensing
sections at each end. Two full Wheatstone Bridges are mounted internally to each sensor and provide ] output signals in the X and Y plane hat are externally, vectorially summed to determine the magnitude and direction of the resultant force. Each bridge is functional to 121°C, and dead weight calibrated for precision accuracy. The cylindrical sensing sections are sealed to meet IP67 requirements.
Environmental sealing ensures long-term reliability for humid, wet, or wash down locations.

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