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MONAD Weight/Rate-By-Weight Controllers are high performance indicators with features and options focused on the requirements of process weighing applications with local set point control.
They operate with all strain gage type load cells and interface easily with any PLC, PC based supervisory control system. Engineering emphasis has been placed on simplicity, reliability, and expandability.
Standard rate-by-weight operation and output provides precision mass flow control. 12 relay outputs are available for local set point control, based upon set point values entered through the keypad, or downloaded serially from a host device. All relay configuration and logic parameters are selectable through the front panel keypad.
Communication of weight, set point values, system status, and diagnostic information is accomplished using standard protocols , and quick calibration and setup procedures save time, money, and even field service calls. On-line diagnostics continuously monitor system performance and alert service personnel to potential problems before they happen.

Applications :
  • Weight and mass flow measurement with set point control
  • Batch/blend/mix systems
  • High value ingredient processing
Set Point Control :

Precise set point control ensures accurate and repeatable batch process performance. Standard instruments have eight open collector DC set point output signals. Individual outputs can be configured for main (coarse) or dribble(fine) operation with in-flight and dead band compensation for precision valve control. Polarity selection allows ‘open above’ or ‘closed above’ operation of each point.
Tag names may be assigned for front panel or interface identification. Optionally, 12t solid state, triac type outputs can be ordered. Each triac output has the same configuration and parameter selections as the DC signals.

Communications and Interfacing :

Instruments are designed for fast, easy interfacing with virtually any PLC or PC system.

  • 1 million count resolution, 20 updates per second
  • High resolution (16 Bit) analog output
  • RS-232/485 communication port with ASCII,
  • Rate-by-weight (mass flow) operation
  • Up To 12 set point relay outputs
  • Quick-cal set-up
  • Dynamic digital process filtering
  • Real time system & loop diagnostics
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