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Induction Heating
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Metal Detector

Metal Detector
The metal detector System is designed to detect medium size and larger pieces of metal. The system has a very effective means of adjusting sensitivity. When used with the MU 51A amplifier, it will respond at the highest level of sensitivity to medium size parts like nails, washers, or pieces of flatware. When used with the 51MD amplifier, it will res


Conductivity Meter

MONAD make a field mounted type (On-line) Digital Conductivity Indicator. It comes in
plastic enclosure. The plastic enclosure ensures ' protection from corrosive, wet, dusty
atmosphere. The advanced solid state electronic module gives accurate and repetitive


Filling Machine Controller

Paper web2

The machine uses electronic load cell with digital indicators. The load cells are incremented to +/-1%. Fast-Fill / Slow-Fill is included on the machine. Fill accuracy is maintained at +/-1% increment of target weight. The standard model uses a preset tare. The operator will place an empty container on each filling platform before filling and press the tare buttons. This will be maintained as the tare for all the fill, or until the operator tares another empty container. Automatic Tare for each container is optional.


Induction Heating

induction heating coils.cdr
Design of new work coils
� Repair of existing work coils
� Manufacture of flexible leads
� Manufacture of output transformers
� Repair of output transformers
� Highly


Tank Weighing Assembly

Capacity ranges of 1,000 to 100,000 Kg
• Mounts directly to the floor or structural support
• Self-checking with provisions for thermal expansion and contraction
• Insensitive to side loads and bending moments
•High output - well suited to high dead load/low
Live load applications


Tensile Testing

MONAD digital test stand features bi-directional RS232 communications that support data exchange and remote control using a personal computer. Force and elongation data may be transmitted or requested and used with our software for comprehensive force measurement and material testing analysis. The MONAD features a ball screw drive


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Metal Detector
Metal Detector
The metal detector System is
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Bolt-on READY frames replace e
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