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              Turbinee Type Flow Meter
  					 Turbinee Type Flow Meter 											                        						                       Socket Wrench Torque Sensor
Product Information:

Water being scarce and most important in today`s scenario, water treatment industry plays vital role for proper utilization of water. MONAD has developed model MPD-05 to measure the accurate rote indication. This model is field-mounted type shows only flow rote indication of liquid in m3/hr, lph and in lpm. Also, these meters are user friendly. Operators can easily install and recalibrate, proven in harsh industrial environment and are service-free .
MONAD industrial offers batch processors. There is always a need for batch processing in chemical industry. Appropriate quantities of solution [water/solvent/ plastisizers] are added directly to the base solution. Barrel weighing presently does these additions, which is labour -oriented and causes many problems. The vats model MPD-05 is a special type flow meter, which is perfect for such type of application. Model MPD-05 can set batch of liquid in m3 litres and gallons. After completion of batch it gives relay output. Model MPD-05 is the best choice for batch processing.

Principle of Operation:

These Flow-meters are based on Paddle Wheel Insertion Type Sensor. This technology is adopted by many manufacturers worldwide. These flow-sensors work on "Hall effect."principle. The rotating paddle wheel generates a signal in proportional to the flow of the moving fluid which is read in terms of the flow-rate.


* Water Treatment Industry/Distribution * Pharmaceutical Industry.
* Beverage / Distillary Industry. * Botteling Industry.
* Oil / Refining Industry. * Ready Mix Concrete Plants.
* Automatic Liquid Dispensers. * Chemical Industry.

Technical Specification
Flow-rate range 0.5 l/sec to 50 l /sec.
Accuracy ± 1% of full scale deflection.
Input Voltage 3.4 to 24 VDC
Output Voltage Square wave (Sinking) 30--35 Hz/leter/second
Cable length 3 meters
Operating Temp.with P.P. Sensor upto 70 C
with PVDF SS Sensor - Upto 1 00 C
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