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              Load cell for Rotary Filling Machine
                       Heavy Duty Compression Load Cell

Model RFM01 represents a radical new concept in load cell design, which alleviates many of the problems encountered when conventional load cells are used in rotary weighing machines. Centrifugal forces are handled in such a way that their effect on output is very small. For example, tested up to 18 RPM, total dynamic error amounted to less than 0.2 gram per kg. Also the model RFM01 provides excellent isolation of base vibrations. Both features enable use of higher machine speeds without loss of accuracy. The uniquely rugged construction of the model RFM01 is very resistant to side loads and can therefore withstand bottle jams and other mishaps.


• The load cell specifically designed for use in
rotary filling machines
• Short settling times
• High resistance to side loads
• Effective isolation of base vibrations
• Centrifugal forces do not affect accuracy
• Two mounting options


• Rotary filling machines

Parameter Value Unit
Rated Output-R.o. 2 mV/V
Rated Output Tolerance 0.2 +mV/V
Zero balance -0.0 /+0.2 +mV/V
Zero Return, 30 min. 0.030 +% of applied Load
Total Error 0.05 +% of rated output
Temperature Effect On Zero 0.010 +% of rated output/
Temperature effect on output 0.003 +% of Load/ °C
Temperature Range, Compensated +5 to +40 °C
Temperature Range, Safe -30 to +70 °C
Maximum Safe Static Overload, Positive 160 % of R.C.
Ultimate Static overload 300 % of R.C.
Excitation, recommended 10 Vdc or Vac rms
Excitation, maximum 15 Vdc or Vac rms
Input Impedance 415+15 ohms
Output impedance 350+3 ohms
Insulation Resistance >2000 mega-ohms
Cable Length 0.6 meter
Cable Type 4 Wire
Construction Stainless steel
Environmental protection Ip68
Fluid Damped Single Point
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