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              Heavy Duty Compression Load Cell
                       Heavy Duty Compression Load Cell

Model MH1 is a heavy duty general purpose compression load cell particularly well suited for hopper and tank weighing and many other large scale industrial applications, including weigh bridges for truck weighing. The simple, compact column design and rugged hermetically sealed construction of the model MH1 load cell assures its long term life in all types of field installations. The model MH1 load cell is often used in multi-cell installations, therefore its standard output tolerance is within 0.1%. The two additional sense wires feed back the voltage reaching the load cell. Complete compensation of changes in lead resistance due to temperature change and/or cable extension, is achieved by feeding this voltage into the appropriate electronics.

                       Heavy Duty Compression Load Cell

• Hopper and tank weighing
• Truck weighbridges


• Capacities 10 - 150 ton
• Ideal for multi-cell applications
• Compact, economical, column design
• Hermetically sealed to IP68
• 6 Wire (sense) circuit
• Stainless steel housing as standard

Parameter Value Unit
Rated Output-R.o. 2 + mV/V
Rated Output Tolerance 0.0015 +mV/V
Zero balance 0.015 +mV/V
Zero Return, 30 min. 0.030 +% of applied Load
Total Error 0.030 +% of rated output
Temperature Effect On Zero 0.0050 +% of rated output/ C

Temperature effect on output,


0.0080 +% of Load/ C
Temperature Range, Compensated -5 to +45 C
Temperature Range, Safe -20 to +60 C
Maximum Safe Central Load 150 % of R.C.
Ultimate central overload 200 % of R.C.
Excitation, recommended 10 Vdc or Vac rms
Excitation, maximum 15 Vdc or Vac rms
Input Impedance 770+20 ohms
Output impedance 770+5 ohms
Insulation Resistance >2000 mega-ohms
Cable Length 15 meter
Cable Type 4 Wire  

Stainless steel body,

alloy plated steel sensor

Environmental protection Ip68  
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Heavy Duty Compression
                       Heavy Duty Compression Load Cell
Model MH1 is a heavy duty gene
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